History of Trinity Baptist Church

Brakin Ground
September 1940, when the population of Springfield was about 3,800, Cecil Brown of Klamath Falls, OR and LB Sigle of Longview , WA met with a group in Springfield to discuss the formation of a Baptist Church whose teachings would be consistent with those of Southern Baptist. As a result of the meeting, a church was constituted on December 9, 1940, with the temporary name of the Independent Baptist Church of Springfield. There was 18 charter member and the group met twice a month in the WOW Hall in Eugene with Bro. Brown and Bro. Sigle alternating preaching.


June 30, 1941, Rev. Frank Nixion of Texas,conducted a 10 day revival in a tent at 7th and Lincoln in Eugene. The wind blew the tent down and the services were transferred to the old Springfield News building. The Church Nixon called as the first pastor. The first ordained deacon recognized was Dennis Lodien. Truett Bigger was clerk and Roy Doster was treasurer. Flossie Doster was superintendent of the Sunday School which was organized in April 1941. A building fund was started in November, 1941. November 5, 1941, three names were suggested for the church. They were Trinity, Calvary and Immanuel. According to the original minutes, the three were placed in a plate in Mrs. Fitsgerald's charge, since she is one of our older member and since Dickie Coghill is the youngest member he is to draw out of the three names. The name he drew out was Trinity which will be name of the church. Woman's Missionary Union and Training Union were organized in January, 1942.

In March 3, 1942, property at 12th & B streets in Springfield was purchase for $80 down and payments of $5 a month. A small building was erected with the first service in the building one year later. Between 1948 and 1953 the auditorium and the first educational space were built. A house west of the Church was purchased in 1954, and used as a parsonage until 1956, when a new parsonage was built. That parsonage was later sold to Bro. Jack Stuart. The old parsonage was used for classroom space until it was sold and removed in 1967. Three additional houses were purchased and torn down and the educational building was constructed. In 1972 the first educational space in the original building was remodeled.


October 22, 1975, the auditorium and educational space in the original building were extensively damaged by an arson set fire. Both areas had to be completely remodeled.


In 1979, the office space was enlarged, a new pastor's study was added along with three small classrooms behind the office area. Immediately above that area, a large room referred to as the 'Upper Room" was added. Three new classrooms were also added to the preschool area and a large children's room above the new preschool area. The church also purchased a small house on "C" Street that is across the alley to the north of the auditorium. The house was used as the Single Adult Department. That house and property was later sold.


A ministry to the hearing impaired was begun in 1991, when the Lord led Irene stark to the responsibility of interpreting to a group of warm and friendly deaf folks.


Trinity observed it's 50th Anniversary on September 22-23, 1991


On June 7 1998, a special service took place to burn the church debt note. Charter member Flossie, Doster, intern past Galen Irby, Bill and June Phillips for the association conducted the service. Members from each age group and the deacons took part in burning a page of the note.


On July 9,2015 Trinity celebrated its 75th Anniversary. East Side Baptist Church was generous in their support, music, use of their facilities, sound equipment, and hosting this event. Our Celebration committee did a wonderful job arranging this celebration.

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